You have created an event, carefully crafted the tickets you would like to sell (read how to upload a custom background here) and made a shop (read how to colour your shop here). Now you’re ready for the final step; adding your tickets to your ticket shop. 

How do I add tickets to my ticket shop?
Keep the shop and the shop will keep you.

  1. Go to the Dashboard, click on ‘Manage’ and then on ‘Events’.

2. You will see an overview of your events. Choose the event of which you would like to add tickets to the shop by clicking on the blue ‘Manage’ button.

3. On the left you will see five icons, of which the middle one is a shopping cart. Click on the shopping cart to enter the shop workspace.


4. You will be able to edit your shops here. Select the shop you would like to add tickets to by clicking on ‘Select Shop’ at the top of the menu.

5. Once you have chosen the correct shop, it’s time to add tickets to the shop. Scroll down until you see ‘Tickets’, where you will be able to select which tickets to add to the selected shop.

EVENTIX TIP: If you are organising multiple events, be sure to give both your shops and your tickets clear names and descriptions. By doing so, you can avoid potential mistakes and misunderstandings.

Thanks for reading! If you have any further questions or feedback about adding tickets to your ticket shop, please contact us via the chat in the bottom-right corner or via

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