As an organiser, you want to be able to keep your visitors close, especially to let them know about your (future) events, and what better way than to add them to your mailing list? The struggle for organisers is that they have to make exports of all the orders when they want to start putting together their direct mailing lists and campaigns in MailChimp. We often receive complaints that this is a time-consuming process, but Zapier’s automation provides a solution to this problem.

How do I add a new subscriber in MailChimp automatically?

1. Go to the Zapier Dashboard, and click on ‘Make a Zap’ in the top-right corner of the screen.

2. First, you will need to choose a Trigger, the activity that prompts Zapier to start an automation. Choose the ‘Eventix’ app.

3. The following step is to select the Trigger within the Eventix app. Since we are trying to automate the process of adding subscribers to a mailing list, choose ‘New Order’.

4. You have selected a Trigger. Now, select the company you would like to draw orders from. If your company is not listed, click on ‘Connect an Account’ and enter your details. Once your company appears, you can test the connection by clicking on ‘Test’. Once it is successful, click on ‘Save + Continue’.

5. Next, select a ‘sample’. In this guide, we only have one option, but you will likely have more as you will be selling more types of tickets. Select the sample that you would like to link and click on ‘Continue’.

6. Your trigger is complete. The next step is to select what Action Zapier should take. In this case, you want to choose MailChimp as the app and ‘Add/Update Subscriber’ as the action. Then click on ‘Save + Continue’. After this, you will be prompted to connect your MailChimp account and test it, if you haven’t done so already. Hit ‘Save + Continue’ again.

7a. On the next page, you will need to determine what Audience you would like your subscribers to appear in, and what data point to draw the email address from. The ‘Audience’ field is up to you (in our example we have used the general Eventix Audience). The Subscriber Email is a different story altogether; here it is important that you select ‘email’ from the dropdown menu (it should be the first option). 

7b. As these were the only two required fields, you could potentially ‘Save + Continue’ now. We still want to show you a couple of neat tricks you can pull with some of the optional fields though.

Update Existing: If you set this to ‘Yes’, the person placing the order is already in your Audience, Zapier will update the data you have relating to that person. We recommend you set this to ‘Yes’.

There are also a number of optional fields towards the bottom which you can use to ensure that Zapier automatically syncs certain visitor information with the merge fields in MailChimp (First Name, Last Name, Address, etc.). In order to do so, pair as many fields as you like with the corresponding data point in the dropdown menu:

8. After you hit ‘Save + Continue’, you will be able to test that the connection is working correctly by hitting ‘Send Test To MailChimp’. If everything comes back fine you will be able to complete your Zap by clicking on ‘Finish’, as you now have a working Trigger and Action

EVENTIX TIP: Alternatively you could narrow your audience down further using Tags! To go down that route, click on ‘Add a Step’ and follow this guide.

Thanks for reading! If you have any further questions about automatically adding new subscribers to MailChimp, feel free to contact us through the chat in the bottom-right corner, or via

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