It may occur that a visitor contacts you and asks you to cancel an order. Invalidating an order can be done easily and quickly through the Dashboard.

How do I invalidate an order?
“Order! Order!”

1. Go to the Dashboard and type the name of the visitor (or the order number) into the ‘Search in orders’ search bar in the top left. Make sure you have selected the company that matches the order from the Company Switcher.

2. You will now see a list of all the orders placed which match the name you entered, as well as any similar results. The list will also display the date the order was placed and what shop it was purchased from; make sure you have found the correct order to invalidate!

3. To delete an order, click on the ‘edit’ icon on the right.

4. The next page will provide you with an overview of the details of the selected order. This is where you will be able to invalidate an order. On the right, you will see a menu with a number of options. Select the ‘Invalidate order’ option to cancel the order. 

You have invalidated the order! If you have any further questions or feedback, let us know through the chat in the bottom-right corner or via

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