As an organiser, you will sometimes want to add more elements to your ticket shop, which can be handy if you are organising an event that stretches multiple days, such as a festival, and would like to add camping or parking tickets to your ticket shop. This guide will teach you how to tidy up your ticket shop and increase your conversions by using the ‘Collapses’ function.

Above you can see a collapse displayed in the red box. 

What can I do with collapses?
Keep your shop in tip-top shape

1. Go to the ‘Dashboard’ and select ‘Events’.

2. Choose the event that you would like to add Collapses to by clicking on the blue ‘Manage’ button.

3. On the left you will now see five different icons, if you select the shopping cart you will be able to make changes to your ticket shops.

4. You can manage Collapses by clicking on ‘More Options’ in the top-right corner of the screen and toggling on ‘Collapses’. By doing so a new field will appear in your ticket shop menu, which you can make changes to your Collapses by clicking on the ‘Manage’ button. 

5. The screen you see now is where you can manage your collapses. In the middle, you will see a grey bar which says: ‘List of tickets sorted per event’. Simply put, these are the tickets that you have added to the shop. If you are not yet familiar with how to add tickets to the ticket shop, read this guide first. Above and beneath the ‘List of tickets sorted per event’ bar you will see another bar that says ‘New’, these bars allow you to determine where your Collapses will be with respect to the tickets that are not in a Collapse.

EVENTIX TIP: The ticket sales are obviously the most important function of your ticket shop.

6. Now you can start shaping your Collapse. The first field is the ‘Title’; make sure that you give the collapse a clear name so it is user-friendly.

7. Next, you will need to select the ‘Tickets’ you would like to appear under the collapse.

8. The final step is to determine whether you want the Collapse to be opened or closed when a user first accesses the ticket shop. To do this simply toggle ‘Default open’ on or off. If you choose to turn this function off, users will need to press the ‘+’ in the ticket shop to open the Collapse and see the tickets. 

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