In an earlier guide, we went into depth about how you can manually generate visitor information by asking specific questions. In this (shorter) guide we will show you how to acquire visitor information per order, rather than per ticket - besides being easier, its also ideal if you are interested in acquiring data but are not interested in personal information.

How do I request visitor information per order?
There is a meta to the madness

1. Go to your ‘Dashboard’, click on ‘Manage’ and then select ‘Events’.

2. Choose which event you would like to collect visitor information from by clicking on the blue ‘Manage’ button.

3. On the left you will now see five different icons; by selecting the image of the shopping cart you will be able to make changes to the ticket shop, such as what visitor information you want to collect per order.

4. In this menu you will see the header ‘Booker information’, by clicking on this drop-down menu you will be able to see a list of the different types of data you can collect from each booker. The options included in the menu are the standard sorts of data which you can request, such as first and last name, city, postcode, gender, age, etc. To apply any of these queries to your ticket shop simply toggle them on - or toggle them off if you are not interested in this information.

5. By clicking on the small text ‘New visitor information’ to the bottom right of the ‘Booker information’ drop-down menu, you will be able to add your own type of custom visitor information. You can add ‘Extra information’ to your question in order to create more clarity for your visitors.

6. In the ‘New visitor information’ window you will also see the options ‘Type’ and ‘Validation’, if you do not know what you can do with these options please check out this guide where we go into detail about what these different options have to offer.

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