To create your first event, follow these steps:

1. Click on ‘Manage’ in your menu on the left side of the page. Then select the drop-down menu ‘Events’ and click on the button ‘New event’.

2. Add your event name, description, website, location and the other required fields. When you are done press ‘Next’

3. If you are hosting an event at a new venue or location, you can add it to your list of locations by clicking the icon on the right side of the location option.

4. Now you will be able to create the tickets for the event. You can make as many types of tickets as you want; just make sure to give them a clear name and description, so your visitors know what they are buying. Furthermore, you should add the number of available tickets, but keep in mind that the total number of tickets on offer cannot exceed your event’s maximum capacity. You could also add the date that the ticket sales start, the ticket price and VAT%

EVENTIX TIP: The ticket pricing in the ticket shop always includes VAT%

When your tickets are ready and all the information is correct, click ‘Save’. If you find out later that you made a mistake or you want to change something, don’t worry; you can go back and change your settings at any time.

5. As an event organiser, you spend a lot of time developing a connection with your visitors, as well as providing them with an experience. We respect that, and want to give you the opportunity to send your visitors tickets which have been designed to suit your own personal preferences, and which represent your event. If you want to start designing your ticket, you can download the 'ticket template'.  To add a personalised background to your tickets click on the pencil icon. For more information about ticket backgrounds please read this guide.

6. The final step is to create the actual shop from which you can sell the tickets. Once you click on ‘Create’, your new ticket shop will be ready to set up. 

Don’t forget to add the tickets to your shop; this can be done by clicking on the drop-down menu. As soon as your tickets have been added, you are ready to start selling them.

7. You can choose to collect additional information from each visitor of your event, which can be done on the basis of each order or on the basis of each ticket, depending on your preference. To collect visitor information from each order, select the information you want from the ‘Booker information’ drop-down menu. You can choose what information you want to ask for in order to improve your event. For more information about visitor information please read this guide.

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