We have designed a feature that gives you an overview of how many visitors have already arrived during your event - and how many more are still coming - we call this the check-in monitor. If you are still selling tickets at the door, the check-in monitor lets you know how many more people can be sold before you reach your capacity, so that the maximum is never exceeded.

How does the check-in monitor work?
Stay on top of things.

1. Go to your ‘Dashboard’, click on ‘Entrance Management’ and select ‘Check-in monitor’

2. What you can see now is probably a little underwhelming, but have no fear, if you select your event in the ‘Select an event’ drop-down menu you will be rewarded with all your up-to-date data.

3. Under the header ‘Tickets’ you will see an overview of the different tickets your visitors have purchased for your event - we have divided this table into 5 different columns.

Name: This denotes the different types of tickets you have made by the names you picked for them. If you haven’t learned how to create a ticket yet, have a peek at this guide.

Sold: This shows how many tickets of each type have been sold.

Checked-in: This is the number of your visitors who have already had their tickets scanned at the entrance to your event.

Expected: This is the number of visitors who have purchased tickets but have not yet had them scanned at the entrance.

Ratio: this shows you the ratio between the tickets sold and the tickets that have been checked-in. 

4. Occasionally it can occur that while scanning a ticket your screen turns red in the Scan App, this is likely because a ticket has already been scanned. Sometimes groups of visitors will attempt to enter an event with a single barcode, which can be incredibly frustrating. To avoid this happening, you can verify whether a ticket has been scanned or not by clicking on ‘Scan Actions’.

5. What you will see is an overview of all the scanned tickets. You can check the status of any ticket by copying the barcode into the search bar beside the ‘Barcode’ column - this will filter the list and show you whether this specific ticket has already been scanned and when. You can find the barcode underneath the QR-code on the ticket.

Thanks for reading, if you have feedback or questions about these guides, please contact us at info@eventix.io

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