Your website is one of the most important sales channels through which you can sell tickets for your events. We have created an iFrame which you can use to integrate your ticket shop into your website. Thanks to this iFrame your visitors don’t have to leave your website while ordering tickets. Integrating the ticket shop to your website ensures an easier ordering process and creates more trust between your brand and your visitors.

Placing the iFrame on your website is a matter of copying, pasting and saving.

How can I integrate my ticket shop on my website?

1. First, we have to go to 'Manage' -> 'Events' and click on the blue 'edit event'-button next to the correct event. Once you've selected the right event go to 'Shops'.

2. Once you've arrived at 'shops', you'll see 'Integration code' at the bottom of the page. To retrieve the integration code you'll have to press the at the bottom of the page 'View' button and copy the HTML-code. After you've copied the code, we can start the website integration.

3. After you've copied the iFrame, you'll need to open the admin panel on your website. Navigate directly to the page you want to integrate the iFrame in.

4. Once you've opened the page for editing, you're ready to place the code in the location you would like your ticket shop to be. Just paste the code in the desired position and save the changes. Now your ticket shop has been integrated into your website.

EVENTIX TIP: Make sure that your editor in Wordpress or Joomla is editing text instead of visual. Otherwise, your website won’t recognise that you are adding HTML-code to the page. 

Thanks for reading! If you have any further questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us through the chat in the bottom-right corner or via

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