Since the arrival of the New Eventix Scan App in the Google Play Store and App Store from Apple. We added the functionality to configure your scanners. It’s is now possible to create a scanner that only scans one type of tickets or all tickets. Due to this nifty feature, we gave you more freedom to manage your entrances better, faster and without mistakes. How do you create these scanners?

Go to the dashboard to "Entrance management" -> "Scanner logins 

When you arrive here for the very first time, you will automatically open the creation wizard. If you already created scanners just hit new scanner. 

In the creation wizard, you have to fill in all the data what is relevant to you. Give the Scanner login a name what explains why you created this scanner and what tickets can or can’t be scanned. The best thing you can do is give the scanner the name of the event and use the description to explain what tickets can be scanned with this login.

After giving the scanning login a proper name, you have to create the username and password. Just keep it easy so that your scanning employees can log in to the Eventix Scan App as fast as possible. 

Last but not least you have to select the tickets what the scanning employees are allowed to scan. Just click the drop-down and select the tickets. If you forgot to select a ticket, don’t worry you can add new tickets in real time. If you are scanning the tickets already, you have to log out and log in to use the changes. 

Don’t forget to save your new settings. 

ATTENTION: When you are an Eventix client from before 1 January 2018. You might still have the old scanning app on your smartphone. This “old” scanning app is renamed to Eventix 2016, if you have this app still on your device, please download the new app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

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