For smaller guest invites you can use the guest list tool. If you do not wish to send tickets manually, we have a smart solution for you. Our importer tool is easily applied to address tickets in one bundle.

How to send a group of visitors a free ticket?
"Don't ticket for granted"

1. This import uploads as a .csv file from your dashboard. Just go to the ‘Guestlist’ menu on the left of your dashboard and choose the ‘Import orders’ tool. 

2. When you are at the importer tool in the dashboard you can download the Example .CSV ‘here’ 

3. When you download a CSV, all data will be in one column. To fix this select both lines and press the ‘Data’ button at the top of your excel sheet and press ‘Split from text to columns’ After you have done this you can fill in the rest of the sheet. You are required to always fill in the first name, last name and email address. When a mail presents itself multiple times in the import file, these tickets will be bundled. 

4. Here you fill in the first name, last name, email and number of tickets on order level. You can also add additional information in the empty columns to the right. When you are done specifying the report of the order press 'Save'. Remember that the number of tickets is always one!

PRO TIP: You can send the email in the language of your guests. Select the language your guest feels most comfortable with. 

5. To save an excel sheet to .csv click ‘Save as’ and replace the extension with .csv this can be easily done as seen on the screenshot below. 

6. When you have saved the file as a .csv you are ready to upload the order. Click the ‘Choose file’ button and select the correct your list to import it. Do not forget to select the correct event and type of tickets you want to send out. When you have done so, press ‘Next’. 

EVENTIX TIP: If you click on ‘More options’ you can choose whether you want to send an email, tickets, both or neither. For example, you would select to not send any tickets when the chosen visitors do need to fill your capacity but do not need a physical ticket.

7. Here you will see the information entered in the excel sheet. After the import is accepted by the importer tool you have to connect the right column with the right import value. 

8. If you have added columns yourself you need to let the importer know what that information is about. For this example, we choose to specify in which city the main booker lives. This falls under ‘Visitor information’ of the receiver so let us select that in the window under ‘City’ as seen below.

9. Let us narrow down what kind of ‘Visitor information’ we are looking for here with the window that appears below ‘Visitor information (receiver)’. Choose any of the questions that are relevant to you. If you want to create more questions about visitor information you can learn how to do so here. 

However, ‘City’ is a standard question so we can add the correct definition of our column immediately, as seen below.

10. Be sure to check if everything is filled out properly and click ‘Import’.
When this is done, you have successfully sended chosen tickets to all people within your .csv excel file.

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