Fair use policy (FUP)­ Eventix ­ 2016 

In addition to our general terms and conditions a fair use policy applies to the use of Eventix to constrain excessive use of features offered based on the goodwill of Eventix. The FUP protects Eventix and its clients against excessive use of server capacity and limits the risk of Eventix investing resources in activities for certain clients of which the investment is not outweighed by the generated revenue from that specific client. 

The limitations 

Eventix offers the possibility to make use of our serivce for free when tickets are available online for free. However the following limitations on free tickets apply;

  • The organiser cannot lay claim to support (phone or email) for both organisation and visitor. ­ 
  • The amount of free tickets may not exceed 5.000 per account. 

Note: In the case of an event where free tickets are combined with paid tickets; should the free tickets exceed the paid tickets by 5:1, the above limitations will also apply


For tickets that exceed the limitations above, EUR 0,20 (Excl. VAT) will be charged per ticket, over the amount of tickets outside of this limit.

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