If for any reason a visitor has lost a ticket, you can use these instructions to help them on their way.

1. First of all, search in the ‘Search in orders’ window, you can search any credentials the visitor left behind (e.g.  first name, last name, and payment reference).

2. When the right order has been found click on ‘edit’ icon.

3. Click on ‘Resend confirmation’, and the confirmation email, including the ticket will be resend.

EVENTIX TIP: Click on ‘View Tickets’, copy the URL and send the URL containing the e-ticket(s) to the visitor. Due to spam filters and virus scanners, it might be difficult for Eventix to deliver the tickets correctly to the visitors mailbox. However, if you send the ticket URL to the visitor directly, you will know for sure that they have received the ticket.

Thanks for reading, if you have feedback or questions about these guides, please contact us through the chat in the bottom-right of the screen or at info@eventix.nl.

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