A secret ticket shop can be handy when you want to exclusively invite a (small) group of people, such as the press. In this way, the tickets sold to the press (or your guests) will be included in the total capacity but won't be publicly available.

First thing you'll need to do is create a new shop. To create a shop, go to the Shop-menu of your event and click on the 'New shop' button to the bottom-right of the 'Select shop' bar. Once you've clicked on this you can set up a new shop.

In principle, all our ticket shops are secret as long as you don't share the link, but you have the option of making your tickets 'Publicly available' or not. If you turn this option off, the shop won't be visible on the internet, which ensures you that nobody can find the shop without a direct link.

As soon as you've created your second shop and have the secret tickets in it, you can share this shop with a specific group. You can do this through a closed group on Facebook, in a group chat, or by mail, depending on your preference.

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