There are two common reasons for your ticket shop to appear empty. 

A. The entered launch day of the ticket sale is incorrect. If you would like the tickets to appear in your shop now, you can remove or change the starting date.

B. You have not selected your tickets yet. When this is the case add your tickets to the shop to get your ticket sale started.

In the upcoming steps, we show you how to fix this problem.

Solution A: Changing the start date of the ticket sale.

1. Go to manage tickets and click on the 'Edit' icon.

2. Click the 'More options' button and select 'Available from'.
Then, fill in a starting date and an end date for your ticket sales.

3. Do not forget to click save!

Solution B:
Adding tickets to the shop.

1. When you create a new shop, you can add your tickets, making them available in the shop. 

2. The next step happens in the ticket shop. Add your tickets by clicking on the drop down menu under ‘Tickets’. Add the tickets and you would like by toggling them on or off. You can add as many tickets to the shop as needed. Remember to click save! 

Hopefully, your ticket shop is working now. If this is not the case feel free to contact us as we would be happy to help!

Thanks for reading, if you have feedback or questions about these guides, please contact us at 

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