We think it's nice to do something special for your visitors every once in a while. Doing so can make them remember you more fondly and perhaps even help persuade them to visit your event again! Coupon codes are a perfect example of this.

While ordering online, visitors can use (custom made) coupon codes to receive the discount you offer.

These discounts are applied through the 'Have you got a coupon?'-field at the bottom of your ticket shop.

If your coupon code input isn't visible, make sure you didn't accidentally hide it while styling your ticket shop. You can read more about styling your ticket shop here

How can I use my coupon codes?
Coupon it real...

There are several ways to use coupon codes, it just depends on your preferences.

Would you like to use the same discount codes for multiple events? No problem. 

What if you want a coupon code that is only valid for a particular day per event or show? No problem.

All you need to do is follow these steps:


1. Go to your 'Dashboard', click on ‘Manage’ in the menu on the left and then select ‘Coupons'.


2. Click on ‘New’ to create a new campaign.

3. Now you can give your campaign a name and start tweaking your settings. There are three different types of discount you can choose from:


  • Fixed discount: This option lets you determine the total amount of discount subtracted from the original price.

  • Percentage discount: This option lets you set a specific percentage of discount given to the customer.

  • New price: This option lets you determine what the new price will be that the visitor has to pay for a ticket.

EVENTIX TIP: Give your campaign a clear name and description. This will make it easier to distinguish between your campaigns once you have created more.

4. In the same menu, you will be able to determine the period during which the coupon campaign will be valid. This works similarly to the availability of tickets in your ticket shop. Don’t forget to select the products the discount will be valid for. You can do so by clicking on ‘Discounted products’ and selecting the tickets. Make sure to hit ‘Save’

EVENTIX TIP: The ‘Status’ button allows you to manually enable or disable your campaign. This gives you the freedom to decide if you want to cancel or activate your coupon codes in an instant.

5. When you have finished the campaign settings, you will be redirected to a page where you can start setting up the codes. However, if you want to access this page you can do so by pressing the ‘Coupon codes’ icon in the Manage Coupon Settingsmenu.

6. Here you are given the choice between generating the codes, making a code yourself, and more. There are two options here which are important:

Reused across orders: This lets you determine how many individual orders can be placed with the use of the coupon code. 

Reuse per order: This lets you determine how many tickets can be purchased per order with this coupon code.

The ‘Do you want to generate codes manually?’-option is toggled off by default as this can be a time-consuming process. If you would like to generate your own coupon code (e.g. in order to convey a more personal message) you can toggle the option on.

 EVENTIX TIP: It's best to use computer-generated codes for direct emails or when every recipient needs a unique code.

7. Once you click on ‘Save’ you will receive an overview of your coupon codes. This overview allows you to edit, disable or delete your tickets. Your generated discount codes can be downloaded as a .CSV on the bottom right. 

8. If you would like to check which codes have been used, go back to the'Dashboard'. Press the button ‘Orders’ and go to the ‘Order list’. Here you will see which customer used a code and which code that was.

EVENTIX TIP 1: Once opened in Excel, the codes look like this (below). Be sure to keep track of which codes you’ve sent out. Our example shows a simple ‘X’ after the codes we have sent out to visitors.

EVENTIX TIP 2: It is possible to apply a coupon through the ticketshop URL. Example, your shop URL is https://shop.eventix.io/749e465a-d705-4a4e-998c-eee6d1131f93
TJEYATFDM is a coupon that can be used in this shop. By adding ?coupon=TJEYATFDM to the shop URL the coupon is automatically applied. The resulting shop URL is then https://shop.eventix.io/749e465a-d705-4a4e-998c-eee6d1131f93?coupon=TJEYATFDM

Thanks for reading, if you have feedback or questions about these guides, please contact us at info@eventix.io. 

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